“The Shotokan Karate International of India” was founded in 2010. President -Shihan Surendra Ugale,7Dan Black Belt and General Secretary -Sensei Yogesh Chavhan,5 Dan Black Belt are two of the original founders of this non-profit organization.
SKI India is approved by Karate Association of India which is recognized by the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, Government of India and Member of World Karate Federation (WKF), Asian Karate Federation (AKF), Commonwealth Karate Federation (CKF) and South Asian Karate Do Federation. WKF is recognized by International Olympic Committee ( IOC).
Today SKI India is one of the rapidly growing Karate organization in India promoting Shotokan style, widely spreading its influence over karatekas by continuously adding new clubs, States and Countries to its membership.
It is one of the unique organization, where more than 10,000 karatekas practice regularly under the supervision of qualified, devoted and dedicated Masters and coaches of the Organization.

Know about Founders:

Shihan Surendra Ugale

President and Chief Instructor. SKI India.

Popularly known as”Sanyasi”, Shihan Surendra is an eminent educationist, well qualified in academics with Masters in Economics and professional master degree in Physical Education.
Highly influenced with spirituality, Shihan strictly observes celibacy ‘Bramhacharya’ and is a strong follower of ‘Ashtang Yoga’ of ancient”Yogsutra” by Maharshi Patanjali.

Shihan Surendra started learning Karate in the year 1985 at the age of 10. Since then he achieved various honors, victories, degrees, titles and positions at various levels, which a karateka dreams to achieve in life.
He is constantly making effort to find holistic approach to teach genuine Karate techniques by settling golden equilibrium between traditional Shotokan Karate techniques and modern sports Karate,as well as implementing Yoga and meditational kriyas in karate-Do to improve karate performance.